Paper Cut Gang is an American hip hop group from Saint Petersburg, Florida. The five guys met while growing up in the notoriously dangerous Child's Park neighborhood . PCG although unsigned, has already acheived an enormous amount of underground success. 
Bam Bam is an energetic performe r with a eclectic style of hip hop that he owns when he steps on a stage. Jerry Nova is one of the most versatile vocalists, with his unique voice he grabs hold of the audience with his ability to harmonize and rap. JJ Da Jet prides himself on his ability to write clever lyrics that the target audience find witty and relatable. Sedd Truth is the baby of the group but he makes up for it with his incredible sense of fashion and mind boggling flows . Roddy Ramshack is one of the purest form of "MC" with the ability to deliver a classic verse on any track he's thrown on. PCG experienced a moderate success with their mixtapes "Welcome To The Zoo" and "Real Villains" 
 In 2011 the group as brought to the attention of Apex EMG and after reorganization the group released the first single "Get Out The Way" the music video brought a wave of success that resulted in sold out performances throughout the Tampa Bay Area and Central Florida. With there newly released 3rd project entitled "#TheGang" there out to prove that the music game needs them.



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PCG = Dope Muzik

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