Coming to you with a new sound, Prohibition Entertainment vocalist, TRAEDONYA! Aka...The Bride of New Funk Hip Opera has just recently released her 3rd video which is a remix to her latest hit “I’ll Give It 2 U”.  With so much support from DJ's, her fan base and over 51,000 social network accounts, TraeDonya is moving up fast!!! TraeDonya is bringing something different to the table..Standing out from other artists, Trae brings us a mix of Funk and Hip Hop, which is something that we don't really hear from many music artist today.

TraeDonya's first 2 videos have already gained over 100k views. She's also taking over the blog sites with over 40 blog postings and online magazine articles highlighting her songs and videos. The Remix EP of "I'll Give It 2 U" is available on iTunes. . 

The music videos will be based on The Remix Contest winners, from around the globe. “We are finally able to get the visuals for the various mixes, which cross genres, which has been TRAEDONYA!’s modus operandi, since her first single “Beloved”", says Prohibition Ambassador At Large, A.K Smithford.  

“I have already shot 4 music videos for the “I’ll Give It 2 U” Global Remix EP. Each video is of a different genre, as I’ve always been about music that feels good and sounds good. For me personally, I feel that I can exhale. The last 2 years have been a whirlwind for me, on a personal level. I’m focused on my career and delivering the goods to my fans and the people that support me. There will be 3 new mixes also, to reboot and refresh the project” saysTRAEDONYA!  


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