So apparently a fight broke out early Thursday morning at Greenhouse in NYC between Chris Brown and Drake and Meek Mill. As we all know, over the years all three of these guys have all had relations with Rihanna at some point in time. These relations have caused these guys to be petty in so many ways, dropping each other from songs, sub tweets and more. Though nothing has yet been confirmed to be true, all three guys were in attendance at Greenhouse in celebration of Teyana Taylor’s signing to GOOD MUSIC. 

It’s said to have started when Chris reportedly sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake's table, as a sort of peace offering. And once again, nothing has been confirmed yet, but sources say that Drake sent the bottle back with a message say - "I'm fucking the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it."

With that being said, Chris was pissed at that point, and decided to go over to Drake’s table and confront him and his entourage about it which included Meek Mill. Before Chris could even say what he had to say, he was Quote, Unqoute PUNCHED in the face by Drake as well as hit in the face with a bottle by Meek….

Security immediately broke up the fight. But according to Chris’s deleted tweets, Niggas hide out in the bathroom preventing him from retaliating

Developing . ..

Chris's Deleted Tweets:



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