Rocsi is finally breaking her silence since announcing that Webbie had been banned from both 106 and park, and B.E.T. altogether, back in October. Webbie had been a guest judge on Freestyle Friday, and without warning, it was announced that he would not be allowed back, although the reason for such a harsh decision was not disclosed. A month later, Rocsi is finally speaking out.

"I think that any light...in any light that a woman feels that she was disrespected--and I have thick skin, but when you're at your job, and somebody sexually harasses you in a manner that is very vulgar and disgusting, you know...I have no shame of sticking up for myself in telling you that you're improper right now, I'm at work, we're in a set, there's children around us you know...you're really out of line right now. And um, I think that people should more-so applaud a woman sticking up for herself, and the people around her sticking up for herself, than allowing that kind of behavior to happen, and I think that we allow that behavior to happen too much in our society, and we don't put light on people being inappropriate- and it's ok ladies to speak up and say no, I don't like to be spoken to in that manner, you know, and I respect myself, and I respect others, and I treated him with--I was a fan, I still am a fan, cause I'm from New Orleans, I'm from Louisiana, he's from Baton Rouge, I love his music, I have bounced with it, the best with em you know? But...to have somebody you really...were a genuine fan of to turn around--and I understand maybe there was some type of...little crush or...but you still--there's a whole manner in which you speak to people, and he disrespected me, and I--Terrance stood up for me, I stood up for myself, and the network would not allow anybody to come and disrespect their host in that manner, and it had to have been severe enough for it to--it wasn't like a just a blow up situation, it was really inappropriate, and it's really sad, and...I just hope that um...he just understands it, you know, and um, it's never been an apology, it's just been like, more of an upsetting incident from...he can't be on B.E.T no more, where's it's not been like, I'm sorry.

But his management and everybody have been super duper nice, and they reached out to me, and they apologized, and I--I think that they've had problems with him before...um, I think if you youtube him, you can see other...other interviews where he's been very very inappropriate, I was actually--I got a short end of the stick where some other women have...have gotten from him which is really really...really sad" .

This is the reason I refuse to support this man, his music, or anything he stands for. I cannot, and will not stand for any type disrespect, especially coming from a male to a female. Girls! And i'm especially talking to my young ones out there! It is NEVER ok for any dude to disrespect you! EVER! A lot of girls in this society forget how much their really worth, and it's sad. Please stop allowing dudes to treat you any type of way because they know they can. You all deserve respect, and you have a right to demand it. Know this. Post by @tiffan700