Lil’ Kim The Queen B, has announced that she is working on a brand new book and a documentary. The  untitled project release will come as a package, which will focus on her life, as well as her “comeback,” after serving a year in federal prison. “It’s going to be released with my book ‘The Price of Loyalty’,” Lil Kim said. “I am not sure if I’m going to separate that documentary from that book. That’s what we’re trying to figure out right now.”

This is not Lil Kim’s first attempt at writing a book. In 2008, Lil Kim was sued by Simon & Schuster for failing to deliver her memoirs to the book publisher. “When I did my [first] book deal they were basically like ‘we want the Kim life story.’ But my lawyers were like ‘no, no, that’s like four different checks.” ‘Cause [my story is] to be continued, to be continued, to be continued.”

“I’ve been independent, you know I left my record company two years ago. I was in another situation and that’s going to be in the documentary as well and why it took so long,” Lil Kim said. “I’ve been doing everything myself and quite frankly, for me to not have the backing, or the budget that I used to have, for me to be able to still move the way I move and be relevant the way I am, I feel

Within 28 hours after the release of Lil Kims Mixtape "Black Friday", Kim claims that the mixtape reached 113,000 sold, well Nicki Minaj thinks its a joke!!!! The two recently went back and forth on twitter: