So randomly scrolling through Instagram (@ryondanyell).....I noticed that Kim K posted a new pic, I didnt think anything of the pic until I saw the caption which said "Aaliyah hair today"!.... The comments were pretty much in the WTF nature....I just think it's funny... but NO Kim.......NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's NO shocker to me! These two have been throwing hints out there for years that they have feelings for each other. Kim separated from Kris just a few months....makes you wonder why it ended so quick (cough cough...Kanye) Just a couple days Kanye released his new single "Theraflu" and I guess Jay forgot to tell him not to run his mouth.... In the hot track Kanye throws out a few shots saying... "And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him" (Hint:Kris)........"Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thingLucky I ain’t have Jay drop ‘im from the team" (Hint:Kris)...Kim and Kanye have been seen out together all week long, no official statements of being together just yet....The girl moves fast.....
If you tuned into Kanye's Twitter Rant last night, you would have thought that he was running in the 2012 Election!
He had alot to say about how he wanted to change the world for the better!!! Kanye West, 34, covered several topics last night on Twitter and giving back to the world, including his plans for Donda, his brand-new, far-reaching design company named after his late mother Donda West.

I have started a new company and I'm so excited about the name.... it's got the best name ever of all companies of all time!!!....

The name of the company is DONDA

DONDA is a design company which will galvanize amazing thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce there dreams and ideas...

I am assembling a team of architects, graphic designers, directors musicians, producers, AnRs, writers, publicist, social media experts... app guys, managers, car designers, clothing designers, DJs, video game designers, publishers, tech guys, lawyers, bankers, nutritionist...doctors, scientist,teachers...

DONDA will be comprised of over 22 divisions with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford...

If anyone would like to reach out email us at

We Wish Kanye the Best on this journey!!

According to a story published by Star Magazine, Amber Rose told the magazine that Kanye West cheated on her with Kim Kardashian. All the while Kim was cheating on Reggie Bush with Kanye. Amber also stated that Kim started sending Kanye racy pics even after she had texted her and told her to stop.

Star Magazine is a tabloid magazine so we all know that everything that we read from it is not true. This case is different. Amber has confirmed that she was quoted correctly in the publication and that she told them about the affair because she felt it was time to get it off of her chest.

I know there has been a lot of rumors circulating the internet today. After being asked the same questions over and over in every interview for so long i had to be honest and get this off my chest …

I don’t lie, i don’t embellish I’m not trying to hurt anyone just setting the record straight. #FAME is a Crazy thing But I’m so thankful I have a AMAZING husband that Loves and supports me to the fullest he’s my Angel and
soulmate. Thank u Rosebuds and Rosestuds for understanding me Muva loves y’all so much

Notice that she did say HUSBAND…..

Pusha T ft. Kanye West and Jeezy - "Amen"
Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis
Kanye Takes a Tumble (1:18)

Otis (Video Teaser)

Jay-Z and Kanye West aren't done yet, they're just beginning! Just three days after the anticipating release of their collaborative album "Watch the Throne", Jay and Yeezy will premiere the album's first video, for the single "Otis," on MTV, MTV2, mtvU, and BET on Thursday at 8:56 p.m. ET/PT.

Can you define what these photos mean?