It all started a few months ago when Diggy rounded his first shots back in April concerning J.Cole's relationship with Diggy's older sister Vanessa!!!  Although it seemed at first J. Cole interested in firing shots back, he sent some subliminal shots towards the Diggy while performing with Kendrick Lamar on his Music Matters tour recently. Cole said: "picture me hatin' on a nigga with talent, caked out on his allowance," ... Looks like Diggy didn't like that very well...This new diss track explains it all! 

"I guess I rattled you, snaggle-tooth/ you know better/ thought J stood for Jermaine not jet-setter/ you seen me and shook my hand, coppin' pleas in person / now you act less than a man, mentioning me in verses/ man you used to have dreams of my big sister kissin' ya, now it's nightmares of a little brother dissin' ya," he raps. "Sneak disses and jabs I don't really see the benefit/ but I guess you lame enough, probably keep you relevant/ maybe you should sign with me instead of Mr. Carter, how you mad at me I got a relationship with my father..."

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