A Detroit councilman continues to pursue a lawsuit against Dr. Dre, stemming from a controversial concert in 2000 in Detroit, where a confrontation with police was captured on film and used in a hit DVD. Councilman Gary Brown was a police official working the backstage area of the "Up in Smoke Tour" when a meeting was taped backstage at the Joe Louis Arena between officials and producers of the show. The tour ran into difficulties in Detroit and Auburn Hills, over the showing of a sexually explicit video that also included a shootout. Brown's conversation  was included as a bonus track on the Up In Smoke DVD titled "Detroit Controversy" which caused him and officers Paula Bridges and Greg Bowers to file a $ 3 billion dollar lawsuit against Dr. Dre, which has been dismissed three times by lower courts. Dr. Dre also sued the cities of Detroit and Auburn in 2007 and was awarded $25,000 and apologies from both cities. In related news, Dr. Dre has denied reports that his highly anticipated album Detox was due in stores on April 20th.