There is NO doubt that Chris and Rihanna are still in love with each other. Seems like they're trying to let the world know without actually saying it. 2 mins after Chris Tweeted: "Love U more than u know!" Rihanna tweeted: "I'll always love u #1LOVE"
Earlier this month, Brown's mother tweeted, "HELLO LADY I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!" And Rihanna tweeted shortly after, "Miss+Love u 2"

LMAO! According to Twitter and MTO Beyonce and Jay-Z now have a baby girl named Tiana May
.....buuuuut...the baby didn't come from Beyonce's tummy.

Well we're told that a Tiana May WAS born last night in New York City, but NOT by Beyonce. We're told that the mother of the baby was a woman who gave birth at Brooklyn Hospital . . . nearly 5 miles away from the LUXURY hospital where Bey is supposed to be giving birth.
The name of the mom is being withheld.

No matter what the situation is, Bey and Jay are going to be great parents!

Drake is offering fans a chance to be an honorary part of his OVO crew with a $5,000 CDN limited edition bomber jacket.
According to MTV: The luxury leather jacket--buffalo leather, to be exact--features a silk-linked
  interior and a detachable fox fur trim along with gold-plated hardware. If
  you’re so inclined to drop 5Gs (approximately $4, 884 USD) on the new piece,
  it’s available  for purchase beginning on December 28,
in Drake’s hometown, as well as in  New York, Tokyo and Osaka.
For those who tune into VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, and saw the
  preview for the next episode, we all know what’s about to go down! We’re all
  predicting that jimmy is going to PROPOSE to Chrissy!!!! Take a look at the
  suspected Engagement Ring!!!
Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Erica not tell Yandy that she was CRAZY? Erica is now lashing out saying that TV network VH1 and Kimbella has ruined her Modeling career. Correct me if I’m wrong again, but I thought she was done with modeling and moving on to Music?

According to TMZ:

“Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena tells TMZ, the vicious, glass-smashing, hair-pulling cat fight between her and Kimbella Vanderhee has torpedoed her modeling career — and it’s all VH1′s fault.

In case you missed this week’s episode, Kimbella throws a champagne glass at Erica — after Erica accuses her of cheapening the video vixen industry by agreeing to work for a pittance. Erica responds by grabbing Kimbella’s hair and … just watch the clip.

But the 24-year-old tells us, she was completely misrepresented in the episode — blaming show editors for unfairly portraying her as the bad guy … and Kimbella as an angel.

Erica tells us, “My whole image in my career is now affected by this. I wanted them to pull this clip because I don’t
want to show this side of me.” Clearly, VH1 refused.

Calls to the network have not been returned.

She can’t blame VH1 alone, when a video just surfaced days ago, of Erica beating on her baby daddy. Girl your true colors are showing, except that sh*t and own up to it.

Here’s a pic of Khloe Kardashian with her siblings from back in
the day, with Blonde hair! I see other sites are bashing her, talking about how
much thinner she was back then, but I think she still looks great today! Let the
Haters Hate!
According To Mediatakeout.Com Last Night, Nurses And Security At New York's St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Were Placed On Alert, And Told That A Very High Profile Patient Was Checking In Today - To Give Birth!!! This Is The Same Hospital Where Alicia Keys Delivered Baby Egypt. According To Two Nurses At The Hospital, The "Unknown Celeb" Has Booked Half The Floor Of The Hospital's Luxury "Labor And Delivery Suite." It Hasn't Yet Been Confirmed That Beyonce Is The Patient, Because The Hospital Can’t Legally Release Patient Information . . . But It Definitely Has The Entire Hospital Buzzing! Beyonce Spoke About Her Due Date In A Video Made In Late September. According To Beyonce, As Of Today She Is More Than 9 Months Pregnant.

Developing . . .