Robyn decided to share the shots from her Esquire issue with her Instagram (BadGalRiRi) and Twitter (@Rihanna) followers!!! 
Real nigga never frontin'
Cause when you got it all
Everybody want somethin'
Middle finger in the air no fist pump

So apparently  Gucci Mane recently lost a $270,000 battle in court, after A&A Diamonds a jewelry company in Georgia sued Gucci for stealing a large amount of diamonds ... and won....

A&A Diamonds retained attorney Vivian Uchitel (no relation) to file the lawsuit earlier this year in Henry County, claiming they loaned Gucci a $130,000 diamond pinky ring, as well as a diamond necklace and bracelet worth $110,000.

According to the lawsuit, Gucci had 15 days to pay for the goods or return them -- and he did neither ... coughing up only $40,000.

A&A sued for a total of $274,523.34 -- the $200,000 jewelry balance plus interest and attorneys' fees.

Gucci never showed up in court, so a default judgment was entered against the rapper in April. A lien was then placed on the rapper's property.

On another note.....Gucci new Mixtape just dropped a few days ago!!!! LOL....Maybe he should charge for it....
The movie hits theaters tomorrow......Can you say BAD PROMOTING? 
Britney Spears is so close to making that big announcement today! She and Demi Lovato will both be joining the "X Factor" as new judges. What a good way for Fox to raise their ratings! Lovato made her official announcement yesterday. She's set to tour this summer, but it shouldn't interfere with he new position on the X Factor!

FOX will make the announcement at the Upfronts today. Britney and Demi will be front and center.

They did a pretty good Job, But the original still gets me..........
Yeeeeeeeea Buddy! Jersey Shore star Pauly D is making his way into the liquor business! This move here could have Pauly set for Liiiiiiiiiife! Diddy is set with CIROC, now Pauly is about to do the same with his (ready to drink cocktail called REMIX).  Pauly is very close to announcing the new "pre-game" beverage... (more of a start the night off drink) 

Sources say Pauly D's business partner will be , the co-Founder of Skinnygirl CocktailsDavid Kanbar.  The drink was first introduced  at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Las Vegas early last month and buyers loved it.  Sources say, it sold more cases during the convention than Skinnygirl sold in 18 months!

GTMM (Gym, Tan, Making Money)