Tupac came back to life this weekend as a hologram and it was mind-blowing!!!. 

Pac was resurrected for the Coachella music festival in Cali as he performed a few of his greatest hits including "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" with Snoop Dogg. The crowd went insane!!!! I went insane just watching it from YouTube.... It looks so real that it's scary!!!! The movements were awesome! At the end of his performance, a light shines on Pac ... and he dissipates into thin air. 

Wonder how many fans there were who didn't realize it was a hologram.  LOL

So basically, Nicki has deleted her twitter... -__-...... Like she's the first celeb to throw a tantrum and close their twitter account......
It all started yesterday, when Nicki's #1 fan site, NickiDaily.com, posted LEAKED music - from Nicki's NEXT album. Nicki immediately called the site out, and blocked them as a TWITTER FOLLOWER. But the site FOUGHT BACK, rallying a number of Nicki fans (her Barbz) against her. The site, and Nicki's former fans began a campaign of BLASTING her, both on Twitter and Facebook.

Nicki Daily then DELETED their site and their twitter page.

Nicki, in response to the INTENSE PRESSURE she was under, deleted her Twitter page. Multiple insiders have tried to reach Nicki on her cellphone, but she is COMPLETELY OFFLINE.Mediatakeout reports..

The fact that he said "B2K FOREVER" in the beginning of the song totally threw me off from the start..... Now don't get me wrong, Raz B has a beautiful voice.... But it looks like the video was shot with a IPHONE....and Windows Movie Maker....smh.... He has to come much harder if he wants the world to take him seriously....

For months we've been hearing that one of our favorite couples were possibly heading down the road for DIVORCE!!!! Well after all the rumors and being the dark about whats going on, Jada Pinkett sets the record straight stating: 

“Every year, a celebrity couple is on the radar. This year, unluckily, it’s us! I almost want to say that we should have been expecting it,” she told Gala France. “But Will and I know the truth. We are waiting peacefully for when the storm ends.”
“These rumors are completely untrue. I’m travelling a lot because of my work, as Will does. And the fact that I’m accompanying our daughter, Willow, on her trips, while Will spends time with our son, Jaden, doesn’t make things easier.”
“But our way of living hasn’t changed. Before the children, we were already away from each other quite often because of our work. In general, Will and I take two months of holiday, at the end of the year. Right after Thanksgiving, we shut down the curtain and nothing comes to bother our family life until January.”

Don't believe EVERY thing you hear, without knowings the facts...

Ron Slyda is working hard these days, doing shows, dropping mixtapes , and videos just for the people to "experience love pain a passion" thru his perception.......Born in Miami, FL Slyda grew up in the notorious Overtown  until the age of 8 with the passing of his mother." My moms was cool digg ,I mean she got on dope but all our mamas did in the hood, but she made sure we ate , went to school, and that, I knew how to handle myself as a young g" , He and his two sisters were then relocated to LIBERTY CITY another poverty stricken area known as 22 Ave " it was a suburb on the outside but that was all section 8 Lol shit was Ratchett" and his torrid love affair with the streets began. Catching case after case and a long rap sheet with charges ranging from drug peddling to armed robbery and assault his fate seemed sealed when he landed in prison for the second time at the age of 19.

George Zimmerman has finally and officially been charged with 2nd Degree murder months after shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a Florida suburb back in February. Angela Corey, Florida  prosecutor made the announcement just hours ago at a press conference, claiming the charge was filed today. Zimmerman a selfmade neighborhood watchman, shot and killed Trayvon on Feb. 26th in Sanford, Florida, but no arrests were made at the time. Zimmerman has since states that he shot Trayvon in self-defense. Trayvon was found to only have a bag of candy, and a ice tea on him, NO WEAPONS. Followed by a united protest, Zimmerman is finally being held by the authorities, and is facing up to life in prison. 

There’s a price you have to pay to make it in the rap game, and a path you must conquer to leave your mark as one of the greatest. Price, an upcoming hip-hop artist hailing from Toronto, is a representation of that very hustle to make it to the top. With a keen ear for production and a lyrical repertoire that will astonish underground rap kings to mainstream tycoons, Price’s sound is guaranteed to catch the attention of hip-hop lovers across the globe.

Having already built an impressive resume through his soccer career, Price is not new to the art of perfecting his craft. Born Kennedy Owusu-Ansah July 20th 1989, it wasn’t long before Price recognized the importance of dreaming big. At only 16-years-old Price joined Canada’s national soccer team to play in the Under-20 World Cup. He then moved to Germany where he has continued his professional soccer career. 

It's NO shocker to me! These two have been throwing hints out there for years that they have feelings for each other. Kim separated from Kris just a few months....makes you wonder why it ended so quick (cough cough...Kanye) Just a couple days Kanye released his new single "Theraflu" and I guess Jay forgot to tell him not to run his mouth.... In the hot track Kanye throws out a few shots saying... "And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him" (Hint:Kris)........"Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thingLucky I ain’t have Jay drop ‘im from the team" (Hint:Kris)...Kim and Kanye have been seen out together all week long, no official statements of being together just yet....The girl moves fast.....